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Our Mission is to provide parents comfort in knowing their child is safe while wearing our product.

Our Vision is to be a global household brand that our consumers trust.

What Separates Us From The Rest?

Our bibs are one-of-a-kind because they do not fasten around the neck. Instead, our bibs attach to the baby's clothing. Our bibs are also adjustable which makes them one size fits all.


Does your little one constantly pull at his/her bib? Having a hard time getting him/her to wear a bib? Did he/she just fall asleep with a bib on and you're afraid to take it off because those little eyes may pop open? Well this is the PERFECT product for you!

The Story of Exquisite Babiez

Exquisite Babiez is an online store that features a variety of one-of-a-kind baby bibs. The product is referred to as BibMates. Simply put, BibMates consists of bibs that mate with the garment.


This product was created by its owner as a safety measure for all babies and toddlers. The owner's son used to constantly pull at his bib once he reached 5 months. The friction from tugging at his bib created dry, chaffed skin, which also led to him bleeding in the creases of his neck. As you can imagine, that was very frightening for a first time mother. She knew something had to be done immediately because he still needed to wear a bib to keep his shirts dry and free of soil. As a result, BibMates was designed for all babies and toddlers.

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